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The delivery time for pre-ordered products is 15-30 working days, excluding holidays.


For any order-related inquiries, please contact us via the customer service chat box located at the bottom right of the official website

Product Warranty Description

ANNAEVERYDAY ProGlow Sonic Facial Cleansing Device
Product Warranty Description:
Our company will take responsibility for any non-man-made factors causing the product's malfunction within the warranty period.
For purchases of ProGlow Luxuriously SoftSilicone Cleansing Device produced by ANNAEVERYDAY Co., Ltd., you can enjoy a one-year warranty. 
The warranty period is calculated from the order date.
Example: If the order is placed on February20, 2023, the warranty period lasts until February 19, 2024.
Warranty Coverage:
Within 7 days from the day after receiving, if there are defects or issues, after verification by the Korean R&D center, we will provide unconditional replacement with a brand-new device and charging dock.
 Beyond these 7 days, the product warranty terms apply.
Within the one-year warranty period, if non-man-made factors cause malfunction, replacement with a new spare product will be provided for free.Note: The replacement does not include the outer packaging.
Within the one-year warranty period, if the Korean R&D center determines the damage is due to user error, the customer will be responsible for round-trip shipping costs within Taiwan. 
Since the internal components are integrated, repairs or replacements are not available. However, you can purchase a new device at a replacement fee.
After the one-year warranty, due to the integrated design, repairs or replacements are not available. It's recommended to purchase a new device.
Warranty Exclusions:
The following are not covered under the warranty, and our company reserves the right to charge accordingly or decline the service:
Appearance issues due to some parts being handmade, such as inconsistent coatings or slight misalignments, are considered normal variances.
Reasonable wear and tear, including scratches, scuffs, and dirt.
Damages due to human error, force majeure, or misuse are not covered.
Consumables inside or outside the product, or unnatural failures or damages caused by human factors, 
including but not limited to: built-in rechargeable batteries, transparent stand base, cleansing device storage bag, product packaging, etc., are all considered consumables.
Damages from accidents, dismantling, misuse, self-installation, self-repairs, impacts, or other external factors are considered unnatural damages.
Products not shipped by ANNAEVERYDAY Co., Ltd., including second-hand or resold products.
Other warranty regulations are based on announcements on the ANNAEVERYDAY official website. 
ANNAEVERYDAY Co., Ltd.reserves the right to interpret, apply, modify, and change warranty terms and services.
When Applying for Warranty Service, PleaseProvide:
Order number and invoice number of the purchased product.
Photos of product defects and a description of the issue.
Videos of : 1. Product charging state 2. Product on/off state 3.Product malfunction state.
This is for the Korean R&D center's assessment and understanding.
For warranty claims, please contact the information below for prompt service.
Official website: www.annaeveryday.co
Customer service hotline: (02)2381-0696,Monday to Friday, 10:00-19:00.