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The delivery time for pre-ordered products is 15-30 working days, excluding holidays.


For any order-related inquiries, please contact us via the customer service chat box located at the bottom right of the official website

SGS Test Report Query

ANNAEVERYDAY's products have passed the strict inspection and verification of SGS

SGS inspection is a globally recognized and authoritative verification service. 
Its wide range of inspection items makes it a trusted leader in global inspection, verification, testing, and certification services for consumers.
After undergoing a comprehensive inspection by SGS, our products have proven their quality and safety and have received SGS certification. 
This means you can feel at ease when choosing our products, as they have met globally recognized quality and safety standards.
In this age of information transparency, webelieve that only the most genuine and reliable information can earn the trust of consumers. 
You can directly check all the inspection reports of ANNAEVERYDAY on the SGS platform.
When you access our inspection report on the SGS platform, you will see how our products comply with various strict standards and regulations. 
These reports not only represent the excellent quality of our products but also symbolize our sincerity and responsible attitude towards consumers.
We promise to continue investing in product research and innovation to provide better and safer products for consumers.

ANNAEVERYDAY Pure Acerola+ Everyday

Thank you for choosing ANNAEVERYDAY's product! We understand that product quality is one of your main concerns. 
Therefore, we assure you that our products have undergone rigorous SGS testing.
SGS is a globally recognized inspection and certification company, and its standards are widely accepted worldwide. 
Our products have undergone comprehensive testing in SGS's professional laboratories to ensure their quality meets international standards. 
In the inspection report, you can confirm that the products have passed all the inspection criteria. The report also provides detailed information about the products, including sample numbers and testing dates.
We believe that transparent and reliable inspection reports are key to building customer trust. 
Therefore, we will continue to adhere to SGS's inspection standards to ensure that quality and safety meet international standards. 
You can confidently choose ANNAEVERYDAY's products and make us your beauty choice!
🏆This product has passed 767 tests in an international-level SGS laboratory, including:
Total viable count + Escherichia coli +Coliform bacteria
Five heavy metals ICP (2ppm)
Nine types of plasticizers
Qualitative analysis of 365 Western pharmaceuticals
380 types of pesticide residues
Five types of preservatives (acids)

Each batch has passed the inspection, so you can consume it with peace of mind!





ANNAEVERYDAY ProGlow Sonic Facial Cleansing Device

🏆This product has passed plasticizer testing in an international-level SGS laboratory, including:
EU ROHS hazardous substances testing for electronics and electrical products
EU CE product safety certification
South Korea KC electrical and electronic product safety verification
SGS laboratory's certification for USFDA-grade silicone
Plasticizer testing in SGS laboratory
Plasticizer testing in SGS laboratory
Each batch has passed the qualified inspection, so you can use it with confidence!

ANNAEVERYDAY  Premium Natural Toothpaste

🏆This product has passed inspections in an international-level SGS laboratory, including:
Heavy metals and non-toxicity testing inSGS laboratory
Microbial count testing in SGS laboratory
Total fluorine content testing in SGS laboratory
Each batch has passed the qualified inspection, so you can use it with confidence!